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  • The database will have a flexible data process and analytical pipelines specialized for Japanese IHEC members.
  • Raw sequence data will be registered at the DNA Data Bank of Japan, DDBJ; DNA Data Bank of Japan.
    *The database will be publicly accessible and contain only data that cannot be aggregated to generate a dataset unique to an individual.




CREST/IHEC is now developing the following databases based on the epigenome data analyzed so far.

  • Epigenome Data Catalog (Developed by Toutai Mituyama, AIST)
    Sample-Experiment Matrix http://epigenome.cbrc.jp/ihec/matrix
  • GENBOREE Workbench(Provided by Toutai Mituyama, AIST)
    Genboree Workbench developed by Alex Milosavljevic, Ph.D. (Baylor College of Medicine) provides a set of handy bioinformatics tools for instant epigenome data analysis through an ordinary web-browser. We are providing local Genboree service for data visualization and simple data analysis such as data clustering. Instant remote data sharing between the Japanese IHEC team and the NIH Roadmap Epigenome Project is realized by using Genboree API.
    Top page:http://genboree.cbrc.jp/  *registration needed
  • JHEC DB(Developed by Yutaka Suzuki, University of Tokyo)
    A unique database that will implement flexible data processing and analytical pipelines specialized for Japanese IHEC members. This database especially features epigenome information of normal liver tissues of Japanese. Particularly, this database focuses on integrative analyses between transcriptional regulatory factors and transcriptome information as its eventual output.
    Top page (preliminary URL): http://dbtss.hgc.jp/jhec/