September 24, 2014
IHEC provides comprehensive sets of reference epigenomes relevant to health and disease. You can view, search and download the data already released by the different IHEC-associated projects via the IHEC data portal.
The portal features:
  • a customizable grid allowing for a quick visualization of available IHEC datasets;
  • an overview tool containing a dataset summary and providing a shortcut to the grid displaying desired members, tissues and assay categories;
  • a dynamic track hub generation visualizing tracks in UCSC Genome Browser
  • a download tool for obtaining tracks in a folder-like hierarchy, or for using standard tools such as wget

>>The data portal


March 24, 2014
Watch videos online! Event clip and science lectures at last year's IHEC annual meeting in Berlin are online.



March 10, 2014
The latest research topics are updated.
“Reference epigenome analysis in normal epithelial cells of human digestive and urinary system and development of analysis technology”, team Kanai
“Development of genomic technologies to explore human epigenetic regulation”, team Shirahige
“Epigenomic analysis of the human placenta and endometrium constituting the fetal-maternal interface”, team Sasaki
>> Progress Report
>> CREST/IHEC Japan Epigenome Database
February 18, 2014
An overview of the cell and tissue types that are being analysed by the different national initiatives in IHEC is updated.
>> IHEC Datasets


January 14, 2014
“Stories of IHEC” is updated. Scientists from the different national IHEC team, including team Japan, share their vision, personal motivation, and the future of epigenomics research.
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